Alexandrea Lightfoot

About Alexandrea

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A meditation on home.

“My entire life I have been moving from place to place.

The idea of a home began with wherever my family was. Where my friends were...till even they began to spread over this globe.

So I began my search for My Home. What I found in this search was unexpected.


My home was within myself.

I built a steady foundation of practice, patience and love. And as the roots of my home became grounded, I realized I could be anywhere or within any situation and find peace.

Because I do not rely on my outside circumstances to feel safe, or be loved.

It is constantly inside of me.

Radiating and welcoming all who step within the doors of my life."

- Alexandrea

Alexandrea works with people who want to know their true life purpose, people who need help remembering what's important and need reminding of how amazing they are. She’s been re-connecting people with their self-love and self-awareness for 20 years, from inspiring the inner heart with song or deep loving therapeutic conversations. As an intuitive reader, life coach, medium and meditation coach, this former Jersey girl and New Yorker traded the glitter of the Great White Way for the sacred sites of Ormond Beach, Florida. Today, her office overlooks the ancient and serene Tomoka River. With a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and having studied under venerated meditation teacher and best-selling author of The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne Dyer she now co-owns and operates Platinum Health, Fitness & Yoga with her husband where she challenges you to begin living life in the highest consciousness, incorporating scientific fact, faith, creativity, human connection, and inner truth. When she’s not helping people raise the frequency of the human condition, she can be found reading the Harry Potter series in her backyard hammock, rocking out every high note in Celine Dion's Power Of Love Album, meditating surrounded by her collection of too many (yet never enough) stones and crystals, or eating Southern buttermilk fried chicken from her neighborhood bistro. Are you finally ready to shed the illusions of fear, confusion, and inaction? Want to know more about how you can discover your true, sacred self? Follow her journey on Instagram @missmeditation, on her Facebook Fan Page, or find out more at and .