Talismans to connect the mind, soul and body. Explore Mother Earth with Alexandrea.


Crystal Healing

“Use crystals as talismans for your growth.”

Balance the bodies energy in a Stone Body Mapping, ignite your mind in a Stone reading or hire Alexandrea as you Crystal Consultant to help you select the custom tool for your growth, your home and family.

Crystal Jewlery.jpg

Crystal Jewelry

“Crystals for everyday use, and beauty”

All crystal jewelry is handmade and designed by Alexandrea and her creative team. Purchased through her studio in Ormond Beach, Fl contact her today to create your one of a kind piece that will sparkle with your aura.


Creativity with Crystals

“Crystals to present and give from the heart”

Connect with Alexandrea today to create your custom crystal creations for parties, event spaces, and more! From sparking a child’s mind to wedding party favors, crystals have so many uses and Alexandrea is ready to help you find the way.