Readings & Meditations

Deciding to live within higher awareness takes community, strength, trust and positive manifestation. In partnership with those ideals, we are always there to support your mind, body and emotional health. Getting spiritually on path takes the understanding that you are not going to be learning things you don't know, but rather remembering what has always been inside of you.

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Intuitive Reading

In this sit down session, we will strive to help create a healthy mental and emotional balance by answering the questions that derive from our deepest soul root. Whether it is connections with those that have passed from the physical realm, understanding your path ahead, or discussing the patterns in your current life or past incarnations, this intuitive reading is a tool to re-balance the love and joy in your life, and explore your karmic goals and lessons.


Private Coaching / Consulting

Deciding to live within higher awareness in your personal life, relationships and business takes community, strength, trust and positive manifestation. No matter what phase you may be exploring in your life, tap into source energy and learn how to approach the future step by step.


Chakra Alignment / Energy Cleansing

Revamp and cleanse your body in this refreshing experience where we explore and and realign your physical body to enhance and refocus your life's purpose. Experience the appreciation for the vessel you have chosen, and then shift the mind’s power to clear blockages.


Guided Meditation

Give your body some much needed rest as you allow your subconscious world to become illuminated with the power of guided meditations. As you allow the worries of the physical world to be put to rest, understand and approach the obstacles, passions, and gut feelings that motivate your day to day life from a positive and free perspective.


Stone Reading

Using Crystals, Minerals, Gems and Stones, explore your inner world in this reading that incorporates the informing energies of Mother Nature. Explore your wants, needs and subconscious vibes as you select stones that call to you, and learn what they have to say about the world you, and this universe have co-created for yourself.


Past Life Regression / In Between Life Regression

In this extensive and life altering session, open your mind to the true purpose of your soul’s existence. Define your deepest purpose for your being here, connect with the universal one-ness that surrounds us, and find the answers that can bring you peace, balance and focus.


Group Meditation

Create the meditation that you and your soul group have been craving! Manifest your dreams, fall into blissful peace and explore the magic that your mind has to offer in this custom creation.


Group Reading

Create an experience you and your soul posse will never forget! Connect with those that have passed through the veil, re-awaken your souls deepest truths exploring sacred contracts, and finally re-balance the love and bliss in your life surrounded by trusting friends and family.